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EVA ICS is a new SCADA, developed by integrators for integrators open-source platform with unique features for Industrial and Home IoT.

EVA ICS allows quickly and securely synchonize data between multiple nodes, provides real-time control for third-party devices and industrial PLCs.

No Internet connection required - EVA ICS clouds can work in private local networks, which allows using the platform in mission-critical sectors, such as heavy industry, high-energy, smart cities and military.

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PubSubRT is a pub/sub server, developed especially for industrial applications, such as EVA ICS: low latencies, secure model, ability to deal with slow channels far from urban areas.

PSRT protocol can process 100K+ messages on a single node with very low latencies (<1ms). Speeds are reasonable (1K+ ops/sec) even with enormous (1MB+) payloads.

Topic subscriptions in PubSubRT are processed with B-tree algorithms, which allows the server to handle hundred thousands subscriptions without any speed loss.

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EVA ICS BOX is a powerful mini computer for all kinds of automation. It is based on ARM CPU and can have up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 32 GB of eMMC, Gigabit Ethernet and built-in RS485 ports for low-level communications with PLCs and external devices.

EVA ICS BOX contains heavily-optimized Linux-based operating system, tuned and configured specially to run EVA ICS and other industrial applications.

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ELBUS is an extremely fast, flexible, open-source and very easy to use IPC broker.

The broker can be embedded in any Rust project or be used as a standalone server.

ELBUS is the key component of the coming-soon EVA ICS v4, as well as the primary bus for our custom hardware controllers.

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