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Creators of the world-fastest SCADA and automation platform EVA ICS® and other modern digital transformation solutions, we provide the full in-house stack of automation solutions.

The products are designed to play together, completely adapt to any needs and successfully resolve speed, reliability and security issues in Industrial IoT.

Developed Projects:

High Energy

  • Power-grid control
  • Solar, Wind, Water
  • Gas and Oil
  • Nuclear
  • High-capacity batteries

Start Your Project

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Reduce Integration Costs
  • Zero Vendor Lock-in
  • Modern HMI
  • Automate Operators's Routine

Smart Farming

  • Chain processes optimisation
  • Fully-Automated Watering and Lighting
  • Real-time Inventory Management

Heavy Manufacturing

  • Facility Management
  • Security
  • Real-time Inventory Management
  • Automated Quality Control

Smart City

  • Infrastructure management
  • Transportation planning
  • Lightning
  • Building management systems


May 29 2024 EVA ICS Alarm System

The new alarm system for EVA ICS SCADA/DCS has been completed, marking the system's overall completion.

This ANSI/ISA 18.2 compliant alarm system features distributed alarms for monitoring and controlling remote nodes, and is IaC-compatible, allowing rapid deployment of thousands of alarms.

Its fully flexible API supports custom scenarios and integration with external monitoring applications, ensuring robust and scalable alarm management.

Apr 29 2024 RoboPLC I/O connector for TwinCAT/ADS

We unveil the RoboPLC I/O connector for TwinCAT/ADS, marking the next milestone in PLCs and automation systems! Leveraging the native TwinCAT/ADS protocol, this innovative connector seamlessly integrates with RoboPLC, our cutting-edge framework for creating PLC and robotic real-time Linux applications in Rust.

With its fully modular architecture and easy-to-use API, RoboPLC sets a new standard in controller programming, empowering businesses with efficient and reliable automation solutions. Now the capabilities of RoboPLC can be easily extended with this new connector, utilizing Beckhoff hardware and software components. Excited to see the impact of this game-changing technology!🤖

Apr 16 2024 Say Hello to RoboPLC

We are delighted to unveil RoboPLC, a Rust-based framework and pack of tools for PLC and real-time robotics.

With a modular design, user-friendly API, and seamless integration with EVA ICS v4, it's perfect for Robotics, Gaming, VR, Energy, and other IIoT sectors.

Built for Linux, leveraging its real-time capabilities. Join us in revolutionizing controller programming!

Feb 13 2024 Event accounting

Introducing the latest addition to EVA ICS: The Event Accounting service. This enterprise-grade tool is designed to meticulously maintain corporate event accounting and auditing across the entire EVA ICS cloud. It consolidates events from all node members and offers adaptable interfaces for data retrieval.

The auditing process encompasses vital system events, user authentication endeavors, actions, data alteration requests, and events originating from bespoke EVA ICS services. Furthermore, the service seamlessly integrates with Elasticsearch, empowering technical and security management personnel to conduct diverse data analyses and craft bespoke reports.

Feb 6 2024 Zero-failure replication self-repairing

EVA ICS is setting a new standard for excellence by launching our new replication strategy: Self-Repairing for Zero-Failure Replication Service on EVA ICS nodes. This strategy saves bandwidth, and disk space and is ideal for embedded solutions.

Dec 20 2023 EVA ICS Operation Centre

Introducing EVA ICS Operation Centre - Your Complete Solution for Advanced Monitoring and Data Analysis featuring an intuitive vendor UI app now available out of the box. This game-changing app offers powerful tools for streamlined data analysis and advanced monitoring. Plus, a groundbreaking interactive dashboard creator for visualizing data like never before! At Bohemia Automation, we're dedicated to innovative solutions that simplify operations. EVA ICS Operation Centre delivers unmatched insights and control for your systems.

Dec 13 2023 Pub/Sub (MQTT) versatile controller

Empower your system with an incredibly versatile solution for Pub/Sub (MQTT) interconnections. Our gateway seamlessly integrates with third party devices and platforms, ensuring smooth communication and compatibility. With a lightweight in-house JsonPath implementation, parsing and creating payloads becomes a breeze. Our robust system efficiently handles various payload formats, offering flexibility in data manipulation to suit your needs. Experience full bi-directional communication capabilities, enabling seamless input and output interaction.

Nov 21 2023 C++ SDK for EVA ICS v4 is released

Introducing C++ SDK for EVA ICS v4. With the introduction of the EVA ICS v4 C++ SDK, developers gain access to a powerful toolkit that combines the rapid speed, precise control, and scalable versatility of C++, combining the speed of asynchronous Rust/Tokio with the power and flexibility of C++ empowering them to engineer high-performance solutions that surpass conventional boundaries.

Nov 1 2023 EVA ICS WebEngine low-code solutions

Enhancing Operational Efficiency. EVA ICS Webengine's low-code solutions streamline the development process, enabling the rapid creation of intricate HMI applications within a single day. Embrace the power of efficiency and advanced technology to optimize your projects. Check our demo

Sep 9 2023 Data generator service for EVA ICS v4

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest product, the Data Generator Service, designed to empower you with unprecedented capabilities for creating digital twins, data modeling, testing, and analysis. Real-time and Archive Data Generation. Our Data Generator Service enables the generation of both real-time and archive data. This means you can now simulate various scenarios, including historical data, to better analyze and fine-tune your systems.

Jul 25 2023 EVA ICS WebEngine React is released

EVA ICS WebEngine React is a pack of low-code React components to quickly build HMI React-based web applications for EVA ICS v4.

The library includes HMI application base component which handles user authorization, components for data output, controls, charts and canvas.

Additionally, low-level React hooks can be used to create own custom components.

May 11 2023 EVA ICS v4 Docker image is available

We are excited to share the news that the official Docker image of EVA ICS v4 has been released! This latest development brings greater efficiency and flexibility to users of this popular platform, enabling them to more easily manage their infrastructure.

Apr 24 2023 Machine Learning kit for EVA ICS v4

We are proud to present EVA ICS Machine Learning kit

EVA ICS ML kit allows to transform data from SCADA databases into ready-to-use data frames in all popular data-science formats such as Pandas, Polars and Apache Arrow.

The software has got an open API (HTTP, BUS/RT) and out-of-the-box clients for Python and R as well as ready-to use AI modules for Tensorflow to solve typical IIoT machine learning tasks.

Mar 9 2023 BUS/RT v0.4 update

BUS/RT has got v0.4 "Big data-ready" update. The primary update feature - data cursors which allow processes to exchange with nearly unlimited amount of data.

Mar 1 2023 rmodbus v0.7 update

rmodbus has been updated to v0.7. The primary update feature - fully customizable context size.

rmodbus is an open-source Modbus stack for Rust, developed by Bohemia Automation.
rmodbus crate rmodbus repository

Oct 5 2022 EVA ICS v4 released (4.0.0)

New generation of EVA ICS automation platform has been released!

Migration from v3
Change log

Sep 28 2022 New web launched

We are proud to present our new web site and Bohemia Automation Information System, which combines technical documentation of all our products in the new powerful knowledge base.