Machine Learning kit for EVA ICS v4 is a client/server set of tools for data processing and statistical analysis.

  • ML kit server is a component to convert SCADA long-format data into wide-format data, required for data engineering
  • Data frames can be constructed in parallel which allows to build tables with billions of cells in a few seconds
  • Open API, data formats supported: Apache Arrow (stream/file), CSV
  • Client libraries for Python and R which provide data frames in all popular data-engineering formats (Pandas, Polars etc.)
  • Ready-to-use classes for typical Industrial IoT machine learning tasks
  • Prototyping and analysis in JupyterLab and R-Studio
  • Developing EVA ICS artificial intelligence-powered services
  • Free to try: on small projects/test plants the libraries can work without ML kit server via EVA ICS HMI API

The cost of EVA ICS Machine Learking kit server can be found in the effective Bohemia Automation price list. ML kit server provides:

  • Data streaming in Apache Arrow and CSV formats
  • Data collection from multiple databases in parallel
  • BUS/RT API for custom ML-services
  • Data modelling and prototyping: uploading data into SCADA databases
  • Priority support