Machine Learning kit for EVA ICS v4 is a client/server set of tools for data processing and statistical analysis.

  • ML kit server is a component to convert SCADA long-format data into wide-format data, required for data engineering
  • Data frames can be constructed in parallel which allows to build tables with billions of cells in a few seconds
  • Open API, data formats supported: Apache Arrow (stream/file), CSV
  • Client libraries for Python and R which provide data frames in all popular data-engineering formats (Pandas, Polars etc.)
  • Ready-to-use classes for typical Industrial IoT machine learning tasks
  • Prototyping and analysis in JupyterLab and R-Studio
  • Developing EVA ICS artificial intelligence-powered services
  • Free to try: on small projects/test plants the libraries can work without ML kit server via EVA ICS HMI API

The cost of EVA ICS Machine Learking kit server is $2,790 USD/year per instance. If a customer has an active support contract, discounts are possible. ML kit server provides:

  • Data streaming in Apache Arrow and CSV formats
  • Data collection from multiple databases in parallel
  • BUS/RT API for custom ML-services
  • Data modelling and prototyping: uploading data into SCADA databases
  • Priority support