Key advantages for

High Energy

  • Modern advantages in the high energy
  • EVA ICS can control multiple blocks of a power plant, transformers, batteries and other power grid facilities with same or different fieldbus protocols. Futhermore, on the next digitalization level, multiple power plants and power grid components can be joined into a single cloud, containing millions of objects. The platform can monitor resources up to each register of a power block PLC.
  • Reducing operation costs
  • SCADA applications, which combine and unify high energy facilites, allow to significantly reduce human-resource costs and let a small group of operators control large power grids and groups of power plants. The operators can switch modes of controllers, connected to any remote node and quickly provide additional control commands.
  • Reducing deployment costs
  • New components can be deployed using Infrastructure-as-Code paradigm in seconds. Create deployment templates for transformers, power grid components, power plant blocks or even whole power plants and deploy them with a single command. Futhermore, each configuration can be deployed on virtual equipment, which can test various scenarious before putting them in real production.
  • Cloud automation
  • With our techologies, the manufacturing gets a new, cloud-application automation layer, which allows to orchestrate the whole regional, national or even international-wide power grid in previously impossible ways.
  • Detailed monitoring
  • Keep the whole power generaiton and distribution process and equipment state under the full control. Collect your own big-data statistics and use it for manual or AI-based analysis.
  • Security
  • All the products we offer are highly secure and use FIPS 140-2 certified cryphography. This allows to use the provided solutions in national-wide power grids, large power plants and other mission-critical sectors.