Key advantages for

Smart City

  • Modern advantages in the smart city automation
  • EVA ICS can control multiple city objects with same or different fieldbus protocols. Futhermore, on the next digitalization level, multiple object classes can be joined into a single cloud, containing millions of objects.
  • Intelligent city light controls
  • Our techologies save megawatts-hour of energy by turning on/off street lights according to actual weather (and possible other) conditions instead of just simple timing rules.
  • Intelligent traffic controls
  • The provided solutions allow to easily integrate application-layer traffic automation for any kinds: priorities for the city public transport, emergency services, intelligent light controls and routing according to the actual traffic situation etc.
  • Reducing operation costs
  • Unitifed and combined SCADA applications allow to significantly reduce human-resource costs and let a small group of operators control large city facilities. The operators can switch modes of controllers, connected to any remote node and quickly provide additional control commands.
  • Reducing deployment costs
  • New components can be deployed using Infrastructure-as-Code paradigm in seconds. Create deployment templates for street light grids, traffic control components or even whole typical city districts and deploy them with a single command. Futhermore, each configuration can be deployed on virtual equipment, which can test various scenarious before putting them in real production.
  • Cloud automation
  • With our techologies, the manufacturing gets a new, cloud-application automation layer, which allows to orchestrate the whole city Infrastructure in previously impossible ways.
  • Detailed monitoring
  • Keep the whole manufactoring process and equipment state under the full control. Collect your own big-data statistics and use it for manual or AI-based analysis.
  • Security
  • All the products we offer are highly secure and use FIPS 140-2 certified cryphography. This allows to use the provided solutions for government-controlled city management companies.