EVA ICS is an open-source platform with unique features for Industrial and Home IoT.

EVA ICS is a modern automation, control and monitoring platform, for any needs, from home/office to industrial setups. It is completely free for non-commercial use as well as for commercial, on condition that Enterprise integrates it on its own and no Enterprise services are required.

  • EVA ICS v4 is the world fastest extended automation platform, which allows to handle millions objects and events on a single node.
  • Industrial-grade platform: real-time, safe and secure event replication, industrial hardware communication protocols out-of-the-box
  • Balanced synchronization mechanisms: data between nodes are synchronized by multiple push/pull workers, which protect and verify each other. Enterprise version brings an additional zero-failure replication layer, which guarantees 100% data replication between EVA ICS nodes
  • Enterprise-level Q/A and support: all stable platform builds pass multiple-stage automatic and manual tests, all new versions have the long-term backward compatibility
  • Real-time: all internal and external calls are strictly checked for timeouts. The core and the majority of services are developed to run in real-time boxes
  • Secure and independent: EVA ICS nodes can be installed on edge machines and synchronize data without the Internet, using internal secure communications, mission-critical calls are encrypted with military-grade AES256 encryption
  • Exponential learning curve: EVA ICS architecture is strict but simple and can be quickly learned by customers' engineering teams

The cost of EVA ICS v4 Enterprise is $1,990 USD/year per node. If a customer has an active support contract, discounts are possible. The pack includes:

  • Active Directory authentication
  • Zero-failure replication
  • Cloud-wide event accounting
  • HMI kiosk manager
  • WebEngine WASM extension
  • PSRT Enterprise, 3-node license
  • Priority support