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  • Unique products
  • Our company provides the full-stack of in-house automation software, including EVA ICS - our flagship automation platform and PSRT - an industrial Pub/Sub server for data exchange via wide-area networks.
  • Warranty of quality
  • We work to make our products the most flexible, reliable and fastest on the market. The products provide incredible automation opportunities and are far ahead of all known competitors. In a couple of words: every single task can be automated much deeper than before and the whole setup can be scaled much wider than it could be predicted.
  • Security
  • Security has been always a weak topic of any automation systems. That is why we spend a lot of time to make our products really secure, with integration of the top recommendations and standards from leading cybersecurity institutions, including FIPS 140 - one of the world-strictest requirements for cryptography.
  • Support
  • We are ready to support your idea in the whole life-cycle: starting from architecture planning and setup and continuing with daily routine support tasks. We develop migration plans from another automation platforms, including running both old and new solutions in parallel, to perform the migration with zero-downtime.
  • Research and development
  • Bohemia Automation is on top of Industrial IoT research - every day we collect the best available solutions and integrate them with our products. We also develop lots of in-house solutions, protocols and libraries, for both patent-pending commercial solutions and for contribution into the open-source community. This means you get a product, which is backed by the strong R&D team, which can extend and adapt it for your needs in the most convenient way.