PSRT is an industrial Pub/Sub server and protocol for wide-area networks (WAN).

  • Pub/Sub real-time telemetry protocol, optimized for industrial needs: providing low latency, dealing with slow channels and large payloads
  • Can process 100K+ messages on a single node with very low latencies (<1ms). Speeds are reasonable (1K+ ops/sec) even with enormous (1MB+) payloads
  • Supports the modern TLS encryption out-of-the box
  • Designed to work in industrial wide-area networks, where connections can be slow, unstable and clients must be authenticated.
  • Topic subscriptions in PSRT are processed with B-tree algorithms, which allows the server to handle hundred thousands subscriptions without any speed loss
  • PSRT client and servers provide maximum diagnostic information about the network status
  • PSRT network protocol is IANA-approved